Eucharistic Ministers Schedule

Sunday Ministers

November 7th

Crucifer/Acolyte  Sue Suehring  

Lector           Bob Suehring

Prayers of the People Bob Suehring  

Ushers          Jim Steen and Penny Cleworth

Counters      Carol Metcalf and Bill Metcalf

November 14th Scrip Sunday

Officiant      Bob Cleworth Jr.

Lector and Prayers of the People Penny Cleworth

Ushers          Jim Steen

Counters      Brian Havitz and Dawn Gardner

November 21st

Crucifer       Christopher Cleworth

Acolyte         Kyle Ruud

Lector           Bill Metcalf

Prayers of the People Carol Metcalf

Ushers          Jim Steen and Bob Cummings

Counters      Christopher Cleworth and Tiffaney Althoff

November 24th Thanksgiving Service (Wednesday night 5pm.)

Crucifer/Acolyte  Sue Suehring

Lector           Katie Simpson

Prayers of the People Katie Simpson

Ushers          Jim Steen and Jahn Ironside

Counters      None needed

November 28th

Crucifer/Acolyte  Sue Suehring

Lector           Pat Snyder

Prayers of the People    Pat Snyder

Ushers          Jim Steen and Kyle Ruud

Counters      Shane Burkart and Kyle Ruud

If you would like to assist as a Eucharistic Minister please contact the office at 715-423-2332