Rector’s Reflections

Easter 2021

Dear friends in Christ,

If you have not checked out the website recently, you really should.  Besides all the information you will find, there is a picture on the landing page that might well stop you in your tracks.  Ilene Havitz was the photographer, and it is taken at a time when the skies are filled with streaks of various shades of red, creating the background for the church. 

The picture, at least for me, describes Easter.  It feels as though heaven and earth are touching each other at the moment the picture was taken.  It is dramatic, and eye catching, and both beautiful and ominous.

After a year away from being in church, we are beginning to return.  There is joy.  We may not be able to sing the words, but we will be able to sit in church and hear the music that is associated with resurrection.  The story will come alive in the liturgy we celebrate, including the reception of communion.  And if the predictions are correct, the day will be warm and sunny, inviting us to imagine creation rehearsing its own resurrection story as the bulbs start popping, and the grass turns green.

Yet there is something ominous about it all as well.  We cannot forget that the pandemic which closed our doors and kept us apart for so long still lingers.  The decisions we make are still important, not just to us but to each other.  Maybe we need to keep reminding ourselves in this Easter season that resurrection is born out of God’s love for all of us, but resurrection is lived out by the decisions we make and the honor we give to ourselves and each other each day. 

In this Easter season, you will see a bright blue banner hanging from the railing of the porch facing the river.  Its message: “The Lord is risen indeed!  Alleluia!”  The words ring out.  But will they take hold?  Will they move us to be children of resurrection, looking for life among us, bringing life to everything we touch?  A blessed Easter to all, and may we go forth in the name of the risen Christ.  Alleluia!

In Christ,

Fr David

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