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As the diocese prepares for the fall Convention, our attention will be focused on the subject of evangelism.  We need not be afraid of the term or the work of evangelism, for at its heart, evangelism is simply about being able to communicate with one another.  In what we say, or how we act, we communicate what is important in our lives.  Evangelism is communicating or sharing with others what is important in our lives.

The tricky part, I think, for most of us, is that communicating or sharing what is important about our  faith can be tough.  Often we feel as though we are crossing some boundary by telling a story or acting in such a way that our faith is “out there” for others to see and possibly even judge.

What if we make this local?  Let’s not talk about the “big picture” as much as what is important in our lives, on a day to day basis?  For example, what is one thing about St John’s that you are proud of, or pleased with, and would be easy to share with someone else?  Maybe it’s the way we work together, or the sense of family we have, or the projects we are part of in the community.  You probably have your own thoughts and stories.  These are the things we want to share with others, for they represent how God’s love is known in you and me, locally, right here.

Evangelism is born not out of duty or obligation, but joy.  Evangelism is born out of wanting to tell someone else about how God is active in our lives, in our life.  It begins in simply thinking about what is good, what brings you joy, and being willing to tell someone else about it, and invite them to experience it for themselves.

We don’t light a lamp and then hide it under a bushel.  We let the light shine, for ourselves and for others.  Let your light shine, let the world know that God is working in you, and through our parish family!

In Christ,

Fr David

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