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Dear friends in Christ,

The vestry met on Monday, August 12.  The meeting reflected the strength and the promise of St John’s in the present moment.  I want to share some of the discussion from Monday night with you now.

The Senior Warden, Bill Metcalf, and I will be hosting small group forums beginning in the fall.  We will meet in the community, around where people live.  We want to invite up to 6 people at a time to these meetings, so we can discuss how we are doing, what we can do, and just get to know each other better.  Look for a meeting near you and plan to come.  It might be in a coffee shop, or McDonald’s, but it will be another chance to communicate with one another, and that is the ground of our future.

The Literacy Council will soon be moving out of St John’s, other than keeping an office.  This is a mutual decision, based largely on the Council’s need to re=organize, and possibly merge with another area literacy council.  More on this to come.

We are re=purposing at St John’s!  Several pews that had been in storage, unused, have been taken apart and the boards will become the material to build a new conference table for the basement meeting room.  Remember the oak floor planks from the riser in the chapel?  They are being used to build a new desk for office.  And the work on the chapel continues, thanks to Jahn Ironside, and Chris Marceil.  Soon we will see progress, and all that will lead to a re-dedication of the chapel on November 24 at the St Cecilia Music Festival here at St John’s.

If you look around both inside and outside the church, you will see the gradual clean-up and organization going on.  That includes weeding outside, the offices, storage areas, and now the basement with the upcoming move of the Literacy Council.  And soon you will see the balcony undergoing a change as well!

The vestry is looking ahead to a Sunday in October when everyone will be encouraged to invite a friend to church.  The day will include a coffee hour hosted by the vestry, and everyone will be given cards they can give out to potential visitors.  It will be a celebration of who we are, and hopefully we will have many there we can share it with!

A scholarship has been awarded to Brianna Havitz by the vestry to assist her in her studies at Mid State College.  Congratulations Brianna!

Finally, it should be noted that the budget prepared for 2019 expected that at the end of July, we would have spent $14,000 more than we had taken in.  Because of 33% more income than expected, the actual difference between income and expenses is only about $1,500.  That is a great financial report, and it certainly represents the commitment of all our members and friends towards their parish family.  Thank you!

More than simply actions, or works, I believe the above represents the living faith of you, the St John’s family.  You may be surprised by everything you read here, or see going on, or being proposed.  Surprise can be a sign of hope and faith being tested and lived out amongst us and in the world.  Being surprised can be a good thing, a gift from God coming through each of us and all of us acting as one. 

Surprised in Christ,

Fr David

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