Rector’s Blog 9/25/2019

Dear friends,

This October, on the 20th, we will have a Sunday devoted to inviting and welcoming friends to St John’s.  Why now?  Looking backward, this represents a celebration of how we are moving, and growing together, and sharing it with others.  Looking forward, there is the optimism that with the music festival in November and Christmas services we will have set the stage for welcoming new people to the life of St John’s.  It is pretty simple.  There is a joy that abounds throughout this church family, and it seems only natural to share it with others.  We all know people who could use some of that joy, who would appreciate coming to a church where God is known and celebrated in the lives of the members, where all are welcome.

What can you do?  Invite a friend!  And the church will have resources to help.  On the first Sunday of October, we will have invitations that have been printed for us by Fey Printing.  Take a couple and give them to people you would like to invite to St John’s.  Offer to drive them to church that Sunday or promise to be waiting for them when they arrive.

Sit with them and bring them to coffee hour (hosted by our vestry).  The week of October 21, we will follow up by sending thank you notes to all our visitors, together with a schedule of what is happening in the near future at St John’s.  One more thing, on October 20 and thereafter, we will have a small gift bag for all visitors to our Sunday services.  It will include information about St John’s, together with a pen (our name on it), and a bag of chocolate covered cranberries to celebrate being in Rapids.

If you want one more image to take with you, how about this?  Remember inviting or being invited to someone’s home for a family dinner?  The family was made larger, and the hospitality speaks to the joy that comes when we share the love.

We are in a great place, and we have a love that is giving us life and energy.  Let’s share it!  Let’s invite our friends, our family, or simply someone we know who would appreciate such an experience.  On October 20th, but any time!

In Christ,

Fr David

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