Rector's Blog 12/26/2019

Dear friends in Christ,

To begin, let me tell you the special events planned during Epiphany:

Beginning on January 26 and continuing through the rest of Epiphany season, we will begin a study entitled, “If This is Our Church, What Is Our Story?”  We hope everyone will participate, for each of us is a storyteller and character in the ongoing story. The 1st study is listed below.

From the Desk of Father David

This month, we ask everyone to consider the following question: “IF THIS IS OUR CHURCH, WHAT IS OUR STORY?” The question assumes that if we consider the Church ours, then we must have a story. And if the Church is a living body, then the story lives as well. As the Church changes with membership, or in time, the story will change as well. But as the Church always remains at its heart the Body of Christ, that part of the story will remain constant as well.

The vestry has begun the work of telling their story and the story of St John’s. Our first discussion on January 13 was lively and promising. We will continue to make time at each vestry meeting for “storytelling”. Soon, we will begin offering opportunities for everyone to be story tellers!

As a starting point, you are asked to look at the lessons in the bulletin for January 26th. Pick one or more and try to tell the story of St John’s, or your story through the lens of the lesson(s). For example, the first lesson from Isaiah today speaks of being delivered from darkness to light. Are there times in your life or in the life of the congregation when you have known great darkness and see it become a time of light? Or the gospel today includes the story of Jesus calling the disciples. Is there a time for you or the congregation when you have felt the “calling” to be a disciple of Jesus? How so? What happened? How did you or the congregation respond? There are no “right” answers, and you might feel ill prepared to take on such thoughts. But try it, and stick with it. You will be surprised how far you go, and the directions you take!

February 2- The Feast of the Presentation of Our Lord and the Bishop will be making his annual visitation to St John’s.  At present we hope he and Leslie will be arriving on Saturday to meet with the vestry, and then celebrate the Eucharist with us on Sunday and be with us all for the coffee hour after.

February 25- Shrove Tuesday.  Let’s celebrate the close of the Epiphany Season and the beginning of Lent on Wednesday with a Eucharist at 5:30 pm followed by a Mardi Gras party to follow.  Look for more details as we get nearer.

Epiphany is traditionally a season for people to have their homes blessed, as we celebrate walking with Jesus and welcoming him into our lives.  If you would like to have your home blessed, please see Fr David.  You might want to have your home blessed if it has not been blessed before, or there have been changes to the home since the last time it was blessed, or there has transition in your family.  A blessing might be done with just your family, or as a parish gathering.  Whatever shape it takes, it can be a wonderful experience of inviting and welcoming the presence of God into your life through your home.

In Christ,

Fr David

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