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Dear friends,

Take a moment and consider a moment, an event, an experience, that has shaped your life. 

What was it that gave it such power over you?

How do you remember it today?  Is there a picture you carry, or something physical that takes a special place in your home?  Is it a verse or song that reminds you?

Holy Week and Easter invite us to experience the power of a moment.  The power of love to restore and reconcile.  To experience what it is to be loved so completely that it might overwhelm, and at times make a person want to step back and ask “Who me?” 

Regardless of how old you are, how many times you have been to Holy Week and Easter services, what your experience of the week has been for you in the past, let God meet you anew this week.  Let God’s love for you and for all creation touch you anew.  Open yourself, even those darkest places, and feel the warmth of God’s light and love touch you once more.  Listen to the words that are honest, and yet invite us to walk with Him to a place we thought unattainable.

In other words, among the people, events, and experiences that have touched and shaped you, let this Holy Week and Easter takes its place in your life, and enter into the joy of God who invites us to love and live more fully than we ever have before.  Allow yourselves to dream with God!

Fr David

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